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Melange - A Visual Exploration
21 June 2019

The launched of the New Edition of ‘Artist Playground by Pullman’ is an astounding success.

With “Melange – a visual exploration”, we have succeeded in creating a truly remarkable exhibition. It is open to the public from 22nd June, 2019 at ‘The t-Lounge by Dilmah’.

Discover amazing arts on display by Shrutika Gosavi, Petra Kaltenbach, Tanya Ashraf, Bharat Thakur, Suranga Navarathne, Rukni Art, and Charbel Fares, curated by Peter Gressmann. The arts will remain on exhibit for the next 3 months. The fashion show of the label Roxx by Tanya Ashraf was tremendous.

The event was a celebration of the love for arts as it was attended by the art enthusiasts.

Shrutika Gosavi born in India and based in Dubai is a contemporary artist. Her main body of work is based on how the environment affects the gestural expression and behavior of humans. Being an Artist, a musician and a poet, all her art forms reflect together in every creation.

Petra Kaltenbach is a German fine artist, video artist, graphic designer, and energy healer. Petra moved to Dubai in 2004 when the transforming period of this city begun. This process from the old into the new inspired her for her core theme TRANSFORMATION. Petra explores new ways to intertwine art and technology. In 2016, she began exploring UV printing in combination with painting and was in the sponsorship program of Canon for a year.

Tanya Ashraf born in India was a Fashion Model and is based in Ajman – UAE. During a long Illness, she starts to paint and quickly developed her own style. Painting helped her to be healthy, but fashion did not let her go, so she founded the label Roxx. What began with Haute Couture evolved more and more. Today, she also produces casual fashion and works here with the arts. 2 times a year, a new line comes onto the market, where she also works with different artists, creating unique art prints on fine fabrics.

Ahmed Rukni born In Uae paint since his early childhood. Only a few years ago, he starts to exhibit his works. In the last 3 years, Ahmed developed his own style which he perfected more and more. Today his works are in the style of the early pop art.

Bharat Thakur is an artist who works on a global platform and addresses a multicultural audience through his works that are quintessentially Indian. His artistic practices echo his unconventional childhood and exceptional life. As a multidimensional artist, he works with sculpture, installations and a wide variety of painting mediums. Bharat likes to find his own expression, untethered and unbound by convention. For him, no medium is too challenging, and no subject is beyond contemplation.

Charbel Fares is a Lebanese Painter and Sculpturer with 50 years of Artistic Life to express his involvement and reactions to his humanitarian experience against the Lebanese Civil War, Globalization, Modernization, Heritage, and art critics. His paintings range from Realistic Expressionism to Surrealism, to Plastic

Suranga Navarathne, from SriLanka, is a self-taught and self-motivated painter and concept designer with specialized experience in architectural visual art and façade elevation. Suranga counts a valuable decade in developing visuals & designs for a wide range of projects in Dubai since 2004. As a hobby he does freehand drawings, painting of emotions & landscapes and develops them as extensions of visual art & architecture, to gain in-depth understanding of moods, different cultures & environments. He also takes interest in off-road driving and observing nature.



Artist Playground by Pullman’, a true and dedicated art hub, enables local artists and designers to exhibit and showcase their works to the public. The dedicated art space shows a serious commitment towards promoting art and creating significant awareness and opportunities for the works of talented artists selected for these exhibits.

Located in ‘The t-Lounge by Dilmah’ where art lovers can enjoy delectable tea gastronomy and tea mixology menu as they appreciate the exhibitions, art series, talks, and a yearly calendar of creative attractions, ‘Artist Playground by Pullman’ is a revolutionary foray in the field of creativity!

“It is an absolute pleasure to launch ‘Artist Playground by Pullman’ in Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre and support local talent in a dedicated art area where art connoisseurs and artists can admire regional art and culture through accessible digital art, contemporary paintings and modern sculptures”.
Nishan Silva, Cluster General Manager for MAF-Accor Hotels


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