'Artist Playground by Pullman', a true and dedicated art hub, enables local artists and designers to exhibit and showcase their works to the public.

Movement in Art: Abstract - Optical Art and Architecture Exhibition

‘Artist Playground by Pullman’, a true and dedicated art hub, enables local artists and designers to exhibit and showcase their works to the public.

The new edition of ‘Artist Playground by Pullman’ titled Movement in Art: Abstract – Optical Art and Architecture Exhibition, is open to the public from 15th  February  2020, featuring new local artists.

The dedicated art space shows a serious commitment towards promoting art and creating significant awareness and opportunities for the works of talented artists selected for these exhibits.

Located in “The t-Lounge by Dilmah” where art lovers can enjoy delectable tea gastronomy and tea mixology menu as they appreciate the exhibitions, art series, talks, and a yearly calendar of creative attractions, “Artist Playground by Pullman”, is a revolutionary foray in the field of creativity!

Meet the new batch of local talented artists that will showcase their amazing works in public.

Rabah El A’awa.  Born into a Lebanese family in Dubai, he has always had an affinity towards the arts since childhood. At a very young age, he had practiced drawing and Arabic calligraphy. Later at 17, he became a bilingual published poet.  He perfected reinventionist art style and had applied it to his architectural photography, and even to his own motto: “Artist… humanist… reinventionist.”  He firstly exhibited at the Brick Lane Gallery in London back in 2016, and had ever since exhibited in Dubai, Houston, Livorno Trapani and Castellabate. Alongside the artist Jan Irvin Mullen, he formed the art collective El A’awar & Mullen. Together, they regard themselves as Post-Conceptualist artists.”

Ahmed Rukni. Born in UAE, he started painting since his early childhood. Only a few years ago, he starts to exhibit his works. In the last 3 years, Ahmed developed his own style which he perfected more and more. Today his works are in the style of the early pop art.

Bharat Thakur is an artist who works on a global platform and addresses a multicultural audience through his works that are quintessentially Indian. His artistic practices echo his unconventional childhood and exceptional life. As a multidimensional artist, he works with sculpture, installations and a wide variety of painting mediums. Bharat likes to find his own expression, un-tethered and unbound by convention. For him, no medium is too challenging, and no subject is beyond contemplation.

Suranga Navarathne from SriLanka, is a self-taught and self-motivated painter and concept designer with specialized experience in architectural visual art and façade elevation. Suranga counts a valuable decade in developing visuals & designs for a wide range of projects in Dubai since 2004. As a hobby he does freehand drawings, painting of emotions & landscapes and develops them as extensions of visual art & architecture, to gain in-depth understanding of moods, different cultures & environments. He also takes interest in off-road driving and observing nature.

Michael Arnold. Born in Philadelphia, Pennysylvania, has lived in the Middle East for 15 years and during that time led an architectural practice that was involved in creating some of the regions most iconic buildings.  He was delighted with the challenge of bringing to life the grand visions of the rulers to set new standards and create what was previously believed to be impossible.  In 2012 he completed his career in architecture to pursue a lifelong passion for painting and exchanged his drawing board for an easel and his design office for an artist’s studio.  He now paints in studios in New York City and Philadelphia, and spends most of his time in the historic Dubai section of Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood (formerly Bastakiya) where his studio is alive with his art and activities of Mawaheb students.

Tanya Ashraf, Founder and Creative Director of Roxx, can be described as a multi-dimensial fashion entrepreneur. Apart from being a reputed UAE based artist and fashion icon, the supermodel and ex-beauty queen has graced so many high profile catwalks and the covers of several lifestyle magazines in the region and abroad. Tanya’s characteristic prints, quirky style and expertise as an avant-garde fashion designer is evident in her work.

Eashan Dasgupta. 15 year old, born in India and lived in Dubai all his life. He is currently in Sheffield Private School to pursue his interest in art.He has a fascination for 70’s rock & roll and Lo-fi hip hop which has a positive impact on his art and brings out his natural passion


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

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